CLTC® Training Professionals

In keeping with CLTC's standard of excellence, our trainers are carefully chosen. They include top producers, retirement and financial planners. Although they have diverse backgrounds, all have mastered the CLTC course curriculum and have demonstrated mastery in the classroom and in the field.

Our instructors are listed below. 

Instructor Company
Mickey Batsell Mickey Batsell Long Term Care Insurance
Bill Comfort Comfort Assurance Group, LLC
Betty Doll Doll and Associates
Nancy Dykeman Long-Term Care Planning Consultants, LLC
John Fontana Fontana LTCi
Harley Gordon Insurance Education Advisors
Corey Rieck The Long Term Care Planning Group
David Wilcox Prosperity Financial Solutions, LLC
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Success Stories

I’ve been selling LTCi for years…this course is excellent for new agents as well as experienced. My selling activities will be completely changed as a result of taking eLearning, because I was emphasizing the wrong things!

-J.H. CLU, ChFC, Mass Mutual