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Students with prior CLTC training:

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Students without prior CLTC training:

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What is the CLTC Product Insider Class?

This one-day class offers advisors an impartial and thorough overview of all the LTC insurance products available in the marketplace. Each product will be defined and described in detail (with supporting case studies) as well as their pros and cons and sales applicability. The CLTC Product Insider Class is a full day live comprehensive classroom based training experience.

What Students Will Learn

A thorough discussion of all products available on the street today, including,

  • Traditional LTCI
  • Linked Benefit with Extension of Benefits - Life Insurance chassis
  • Linked Benefit with Extension of Benefits - Annuity chassis
  • Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) for LTC (7702B)
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness (101(g)) with Up-Front Charges
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Chronic Illness (101(g)) with Charge at Acceleration

Specifics about each product:

  • Its basic structure and key features
  • How it is underwritten
  • Who the target audience is (i.e., client applicability)
  • It’s pros and cons
  • Which carriers offer each product type

Reinforcement of your learnings with:

  • Case studies, and
  • Quizzes
Course Eligibility:
  • Prior CLTC training is required
  • If you have no prior CLTC training, you may enroll in a class bundle that combines the Product Insider class with either Foundations, eCLTC or a Master Class
  • Classes in a bundle can be taken independently
  • There is no requirement that one class precedes or follows the other
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