CLTC Product Insider

What is the CLTC Product Insider Class?

Product Insider provides an impartial overview of the various LTC insurance products available on the market today. It addresses common questions like,

  • How do I line up client needs with the contiuum of coverage offered?
  • How do I decide which product is best for a given client?
  • What are the pros and cons of each product type?
  • Do I have all the information I need to ensure I am making the best and most thorough recommndation for my client?
  • What are my options based on the health of my client?
  • What are my options based on my client's financial situation?

If you have some, any, or all of these questions, this class is for you!

You can access Product Insider one of two ways.

  • Join a 4-hour virtual class that includes 4 hours of CE, or
  • Purchase our 2-hour self-study eProduct Insider class that offers 2 CE credits   
What Students Will Learn

A thorough discussion of all products available on the street today, including,

  • Traditional LTCI
  • Hybrid Linked Benefit (Extension of Benefits) - Life Insurance chassis
  • Hybrid Linked Benefit (Extension of Benefits) - Annuity chassis
  • LTC Riders
  • Chronic Illness Riders with Up-front Charges
  • Chronic Illness Riders with Charge at Acceleration (lien and discount methods)
  • Life Insurance Basics – Whole, Term, Fixed UL, VUL, IUL

Specifics about each product:

  • Its basic structure and key features
  • How it is underwritten
  • Who the target audience is (i.e., client applicability)
  • It’s pros and cons
  • Which carriers offer which product type

What the training does not include:

  • Overviews by carriers of their products

Again, this is an impartial and unbiased review of what is available on the market. For carrier specific training, you will need to reach out to your BGA or carrier wholesalers. This training will give you a framework for understanding what carriers are offering so you can make up your own mind.

Your learnings will be reinforced with:

  • Case studies, and
  • Quizzes
Course Prerequisites:


Course Pricing:
  • $445 for a virtual live class
  • $349 for eProduct Insider
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