What you will learn from the CLTC® designation

As a CLTC designation candidate, you can expect to study a broad range of topics surrounding long-term care, including:

Extended Care: Family vs. Statistics

Current methods of selling long-term care insurance tend to be counter-productive, generally creating more arguments than sales. The success of the product is directly connected to the insurance professional's understanding of the consequences that long-term care places on a family and their retirement portfolio. This part of the course describes a three-step process that quickly establishes need and allows the practitioner to establish a plan to protect the insured's family and finances. It is the plan that sells product.

Extended Care Services

Explore the various facilities and services available to older Americans. At this point in the course, you’ll examine home care, adult day care centers, assisted-living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, nursing homes, and other available extended-care options.

Who Pays for Extended Care

Study the financial sources that pay for the services and facilities discussed earlier in the course. Every alternative to long-term care insurance is explored – self-funding, Medicare, the VA, and Medicaid – proving conclusively that, for most Americans, they are not viable options. The discussion gives you the confidence and competence to quickly dispatch them from consideration as funding resources.

Medicaid v. Long-Term Care Insurance  

Disparaging Medicaid, if it is brought up, as an alternative to long-term care insurance is counterproductive. It invariably puts the insurance agent in conflict with the attorney who suggested it. Medicaid is an effective sales tool when explained properly to a client.

Proper Implementation of Long-Term Care Insurance

Take a comprehensive look at the product and how it has evolved to assist in solving the complex problems posed by aging. The regulatory and competitive pressures on the industry and producers are discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on the tax advantages of tax-qualified policies.

The Ethical Promotion of Long-Term Care Insurance

This part of the course is divided into two areas: the essentials of proper implementation and scenarios that help you establish the need for planning while overcoming classic objections.

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