Many people don’t know exactly what this type of insurance is or what kind of benefits it provides. Whether you’re a consumer or an advisor still unable to take that first step into any long-term care conversation an advisor has with a client – hope these set of starter questions will be of help.


Question #1: At what age should I begin the long-term care planning process?

Answer: The earlier the better. Preparing now for the possibility that you could live a long life and may need extended care planning to support your family is a very good idea. At CLTC, we have expertise that can help you start the process. Find out more here.


Question #2: What questions should my financial advisor be asking?

Answer: Your advisor will need to know 3 crucial things to help you prepare for your future needs: (1) where you want to live while receiving extended care; (2) who will be there to provide the care; and (3) how or what will pay for it. A professional skilled in long-term care planning will ask these key questions and then guide you to the right decisions. Learn more about a certified long-term care CLTC planning professional in your area here.


Question #3: What is extended care planning?

Answer: Extended care planning is another way of describing the financial and logistical arrangements you will make to prepare for the assistance you will need if you have a long-term care impairment. We refer to this as extended care planning, not long-term care planning, because the term “long-term care” carries many misconceptions, including a negative assumption to think only of nursing homes. Contact us and discover more about extended care planning and what it means for you.


Question #4: Will I qualify for Medicaid?

Answer: Whether or not you’ll qualify for Medicaid to help with your long-term care expenses varies from state to state. At CLTC, we can help you understand more about how Medicaid will work for you and propose options to help you plan for your care expenses. Find out more today.


Question #5: Why is it important to choose a CLTC designee?

Answer: You don’t want just anyone telling you how to plan for your future. You need trusted experts, who are thoroughly trained in advising clients in long-term care decision-making. Have a look at what our training includes.


Question #6: How do I know if my assets are protected when a life-changing event happens?

Answer: There are state and federal regulatory measures in place that govern what long term care policies must include and how they’re administered. Our CLTC certified experts can help you understand how long-term care insurance regulations protect your assets. Contact us to learn more.


Question #7: How do I know if I'm protected from the consequences of a long-term care event?

Answer: There are a number of options open to you as you explore long-term care financial plans, and understanding how those options work will give you confidence that you’ll be protected when a long-term care event occurs. There are many more products solutions available today that are based on innovative designs, all of which have the same purpose: to fund a plan to protect those you care about. Let us help you with the right extended-care solution.


Question #8: How do I know what type of coverage offers the best protection for my loved ones?

Answer: We understand that there’s not a one-size-fits all approach to long-term care financial planning. Our CLTC certified experts are skilled in tailoring policies so that you can design a policy that best fits your protection needs for your family and loved ones. We think out of the box and work with you to craft creative extended-care solutions you will be enthusiastic about. Here’s how to find out more about our services.

Success Stories

I’ve been selling LTCi for years…this course is excellent for new agents as well as experienced. My selling activities will be completely changed as a result of taking eLearning, because I was emphasizing the wrong things!

-J.H. CLU, ChFC, Mass Mutual