Protect Your Clients and Your Business

Engage in Long-Term Care Planning Conversations

Foundations doesn't demand a lot of time or overload you with extraneous information. It does allow you to confidently start having LTC planning conversations the very next day. It also ensures you can,

  • Fulfill your fiduciary responsibility (to the client and their family)
  • Protect yourself from liability
  • Protect Assets Under Management
  • Increase the value of your practice (by adding revenue)
  • Keep competition out (your clients are someone else's prospects)

You want to do what's in the best interests of your clients. Foundations is a quick and cost-effective way to help you meet your obligation.

Highlights of what you will learn -

  • Best Practices for Integrating LTC Conversations into your Practice
  • The Basics of Long-Term Care
  • The Impact of LTC on Your Client's Income and Family
  • How to Identify the Right Clients for a LTC Conversation
  • How to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • How to Create a Plan
  • Options for Funding the Plan

Price: Only $399

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What others are saying about Foundations:

Foundations helped me get organized for more productive conversations. I now know how to focus on creating a plan, tying it to the client’s goals and then solving the cash flow problem. (Jan. 2022)

Foundations affirmed why these conversations need to happen with clients. It gave me more confidence to initiate the conversation, tie it to real world consequences and not just rattle off statistics that won't encourage action. (Jan. 2022)

My three takeaways: How to integrate this into my practice, identify clients and set expectations. (Feb. 2022)

Success Stories

“Going through the CLTC designation program has given me more confidence to run appointments on my own. Prior to the training, I felt I needed a LTC specialist to accompany me during LTC planning meetings with clients. Now I am the LTC specialist!”

-Cassandra Fyles, NYL