The Impact of Paid In-Home Care on The Journey of Family Caregivers

July 14th, 2022


Findings From a Survey of Family Caregivers

Understanding the reality of caregiving can help advisors have better conversations with their clients about the importance of planning for long-term care.  

At CLTC, we feel there is no better way to appreciate the caregiving experience than to hear from family caregivers directly about their caregiving experience. It helps all of us, particularly current and future CLTCs, better understand the challenges our clients are facing now or will likely face in the future, and the role professional home care can play (a key tenant of the CLTC training program). 

CLTC, in partnership with Home Instead and Homethrive, commissioned the following study:  The Impact of Paid In-Home Care on The Journey of Family Caregivers: Findings From a Survey of Family Caregivers.  The study was focused on gaining further insights into the decision-making process associated with hiring professional home care – why family caregivers choose that path, why they don’t, and what drives those decisions.  

Full findings from the study will be released in September 2022.   


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