June 2024 Industry News and Updates

June 18th, 2024

Mutual of Omaha Illustration Enhancement

Through a partnership with Ensight, Mutual of Omaha is offering a new MutualCare Solutions LTC Sales Stories experience. This experience will help agents have more meaningful conversations with their clients to ensure they are protected. Learn more about Ensight and how producers can use it to create a better customer experience.

  • How it Works:  Simply build the plan design based on your customer's coverage needs, and Ensight produces an interactive, client-friendly story explaining the ways our long-term care product's features and benefits fit the customer's own unique needs.

Designer Studio (on24.com)

Lincoln’s Designer Studio platform

It features videos on efficient case design, new sales strategies, and best practices when illustrating MoneyGuard solutions.  Don’t start from scratch; leverage our tools for more effective case design. Current videos include Quick Quotes, What Care Costs, Benefit Transfer Rider, and Conversation Catalyst Tool.

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New Money Rates

OneAmerica.  Effective May 15th, new money rates are increasing by:

Annuity Care by 0.25%.
Annuity Care II by 0.25%.
Indexed Annuity Care – see link for increases.

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