How to Take the Online Exam

After registering for the CLTC Designation, you will be given access to the course book and exam when you click on My Dashboard. If you elected to take the eLearning training you will also be able to launch that from your dashboard. Those who have chosen a live training event will be given access to the course and exam from the date of registration, but may elect to complete the exam after attending the live seminar. 

Examination Procedures

The exam is closed book.

The exam must be completed in one sitting.

During the exam, do NOT:

  • walk away from the computer for an extended period or time
  • use your browser navigation buttons to jump ahead or back
  • exit the exam before you are done

If you leave the exam for any reason it will be counted as an attempt and you will be provided a new exam version when you return.

You must have your proctor present prior to accessing the exam questions. The proctor will need to provide some brief information which will be used to verify they meet the proctor eligibilty requirements. Exams completed with ineligible proctors will be negated.

The proctor will be required to verify your identity with a photo ID. The proctor must remain present for the entirety of the examination to ensure no other party completes the exam on your behalf. Both you and the proctor will sign a legal affidavit attesting to your completion of the exam. An exam will not be considered complete until that document has been received and filed with our offices.

Proctored Exam Guidelines

The CLTC exam is now offered exclusively online. You have 120 days from the second day of class to complete your exam. The certification exam is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions to be completed in a closed book format (without the use of outside source materials). A passing grade of 70% is required. Your exam will be graded immediately upon completion.

All exams must be proctored.

Did you also opt to include insurance CE? In the event you have added the option for insurance continuing education, you must first and foremost follow any proctor guidelines as required by your state (see state rules). If your state does not have proctoring guidelines in place, your exam must follow the proctoring standards for the CLTC Designation.

The CLTC Designation Course exam must be monitored by a proctor who is an independent, professional, and disinterested third party. Third party means the professional proctor or proctoring organization may not have any direct personal or business relationship that would create or be perceived to create a conflict of interest with the student, student's local agency, the student's sponsoring carrier, Certification for Long Term Care, LLC (CLTC) other than as a vendor to CLTC to provide professional exam proctoring.

Examples of eligible (independent, professional, and disinterested) proctors include:

  • Professional proctors; Temporary employment agencies
  • Business professionals: accountant, attorney, financial advisor, property/casualty agent, real estate agent, etc.
  • State approved CE instructors or proctors
  • Notary publics; librarians
  • Substitute teachers

Examples of ineligible (not considered independent, professional, or disinterested) proctors include:

  • Spouses or relatives
  • Friend
  • Employees or agents of the student's agency or carrier in the direct line of employ


The CLTC Certification

After passing your exam, your Username and Password to access the CLTC Graduates section of the website will be emailed to you along with electronic copies of your Certificate of Completion and the CLTC seal. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your Graduate Portfolio to arrive by mail. The Portfolio will contain your physical CLTC Certificate and additional information about the benefits provided to CLTC graduates.

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