CLTC® Code of Conduct

The CLTC® Code of Conduct applies to all Designess in their work with clients, peers, and all other support services personnel in meeting the needs of clients. The Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • To conduct your business with clients, including prospects and professionals, according to the same high standards of honesty and fairness that you would apply or demand for yourself.
  • To provide competent and consumer-focused sales and service. To engage in active and fair competition.
  • To provide fair and expeditious handling of client business, complaints, and disputes.
  • To provide promotional and sales materials to your clients, and prospects that are clear as to purpose, and honest and fair as to content.
  • To continue to increase your competency through ongoing education. Being competent means having the necessary skills, knowledge, commitment, and attitude to do a professional job.
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Success Stories

“Going through the CLTC designation program has given me more confidence to run appointments on my own. Prior to the training, I felt I needed a LTC specialist to accompany me during LTC planning meetings with clients. Now I am the LTC specialist!”

-Cassandra Fyles, NYL