The Power of Changing the Intent of the Conversation

September 25th, 2020

Experienced sales professionals know risk-based long-term care conversations can work well with two types of clients.

· Those that need care now; and

· Those with caregiver experience.   

But what about all the rest? The inexperienced, healthy clients you really want.

Those conversations tend to lead to common and predictable client objections and debates that derail the sales process.  Why?  Because the long-term care industry has rarely focused on helping advisors and their clients understand the severe consequences to loved ones of an extended care event.  Instead, the effort has focused on getting the client to acknowledge their risk – the average cost and odds of needing care, the average length of care.  It’s a hard conversation to have with a  healthy client that has no LTC experience. And as a result, these conversations frequently come to an end with common objections and predictable debates.    

In a recent webinar, “Integrating The Unique Language of CLTC into Proven Sales Scenarios”, CLTC founder Harley Gordon provides insights and techniques for leveraging the unique language of CLTC training.  Very importantly, Harley will help you discover how to capture and maintain the attention of some of your toughest clients – the healthy ones with no prior LTC experience – about the vitally important subject of long term care planning.