January 2024 Industry News and Updates

January 12th, 2024


Mutual of Omaha

MutualCare Solutions desktop software no longer supports quoting for Mututal of Omaha’s long-term care products beginning 1/1/24. If you’re currently using MutualCare Solutions for quoting, be sure to transition to WinFlex Web platform at your earliest convenience.

WinFlex Web Registration Instructions (mutualofomaha.com) 

Lincoln Financial Group

HIV Underwriting Guidelines Expansion to All States.  Beginning January 2, 2024, Lincoln is pleased to announce an expansion of our Underwriting Guidelines for individuals living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) to all states.


Lincoln MoneyGuard® Life Insurance - Now eligible for consideration

  • All products

  • Ages 45-60

  • Full underwriting with Attending Physician Statements (APS) required

With this change, there will be updates made to the Notice and Consent for HIV-Related Testing Form. The updated form will be available in early 2024.

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Pricing improvements for Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage®

Effective January 22, 2024, Lincoln is implementing pricing decreases to Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage, which improve competitive positioning. There are no pricing increases as a result of this update. MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage, a universal life insurance policy with a rider that reimburses for qualified long-term care expense, is designed to meet clients’ evolving care needs.

Following a transition period, Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage® – 01/22/24 will replace currently sold Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage® - 09/11/23.

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Lincoln Financial Group

Updated Underwriting & New Business Service Level Agreements
(effective December 1, 2023)

Lincoln’s Underwriting and new Business teams are committed to providing you with quality service in a timely manner. To help better establish next steps with your client, you can expect our responses and decisions within the following timeframes for our Life Insurance Products (Lincoln TermAccel®, Lincoln WealthAccelerate® IUL, Lincoln LifeElements® Term, Life Permanent Products) and all Lincoln MoneyGuard® Solutions. 

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Nationwide Insurance

3-Minute On-Line Cognitive Screening.  Nationwide shortens what was a 20-minute telephone assessment with a new three-minute online cognitive screening assessment for CareMatters linked benefit long-term care customers.

Three-minute online cognitive screening simplifies long-term care underwriting (nationwide.com)

John Hancock

Because you asked:  Long-Term Care Riders.  The purpose of this Because You Asked is to address some of the most frequently asked questions concerning long-term care riders associated with life insurance contracts.

LIFE-5124_BYA_LTC_Rider.pdf (johnhancockinsurance.com)


Long-Term Care Tax Reference Guide:  Premium deductibility reference guide for federal income tax purposes.

View LTC Tax Reference Guide



Updated CareForward® Underwriting Process Brochure.

  • What to expect
  • Additional information needs
  • How your information is used
  • Medical History Worksheet
  • CareForward® underwriting requirements

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State Tax Incentives Reference Guide 

Many states offer tax incentives to those who include long-term care insurance (LTCi) in their extended-care planning. The chart below provides a state-by-state listing of some of the tax deductions, credits and exclusions available.

Click to View State Tax-Incentives Reference Guide


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