How Does the Experience of Caregiving Influence Future Planning?

September 13th, 2023

Understanding the impact family caregiving can have on an individual and how that experience may influence their own planning can help advisors have better conversations with their clients. As a result, CLTC, in partnership with Home Instead, Milliman and TCARE commissioned the following study: “How does the experience of caregiving influence future planning?”


Our key research objectives were to find answers to the following questions.

· Does family caregiving influence whether or not one plans for their own future care needs? How are planners different from non-planners?

· What kinds of future planning do caregivers intend to pursue?

· What traits differentiate caregivers drawn to different types of future planning?

· What kinds of services and supports do family caregivers prefer?

· Are family caregivers interested in LTC insurance? And what influences their interest?



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