What is the CLTC® Immersion Workshop?

The Immersion Workshop is an advanced program has been developed by leading long-term care experts and CLTC instructors. It offers cutting-edge sales and marketing ideas on how to sell LTCi in the new world of increased premiums and tighter underwriting.


Workshop Benefits:

  • Increase your value proposition by positioning you as a provider of world class sales and marketing training that actually increase production.
  • Develop confidence and competence that transforms reactive producers into proactive producers desiring to grow their LTC block of business.
  • Provides cross selling opportunities for LTCi for producers who are using your agency for other products.
  • Gives you a unique recruiting message.
  • This training can be applied to life and disability income producers because the program's sales system is universal in application.

For more information: 
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Success Stories

I’ve been selling LTCi for years…this course is excellent for new agents as well as experienced. My selling activities will be completely changed as a result of taking eLearning, because I was emphasizing the wrong things!

-J.H. CLU, ChFC, Mass Mutual