Brent DeGroot, CLTC, LTCP

Brent DeGroot, National Brokerage Health Sales Director, LTCi, has been involved in the LTCi industry since 2002. He has worked at Mutual of Omaha for 9 years and has been instrumental in growing their sales, year over year, to one of the leading carriers in the industry.

Brent started his insurance career in 1998; and after his experience as a personal producer and owning his own brokerage agency; he has worked in numerous capacities within the industry including roles of progressive responsibility. These include Territory Manager, LTCi Marketing Director, National Training Manager, National Sales Director, and Sales Vice President.

Brent has earned his LTCP designation in 2004 from HIAA, his CLTC in 2011; and is a long time member of the American Association of Long Term Care Insurance.

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I’ve been selling LTCi for years…this course is excellent for new agents as well as experienced. My selling activities will be completely changed as a result of taking eLearning, because I was emphasizing the wrong things!

-J.H. CLU, ChFC, Mass Mutual